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Helping elite athletes to become their best through financial support and sponsorship

getting you to the starting block

People connect with stories, it's human nature. The public wants to know more about you, they just haven't heard your story yet.

Elite Athlete Fund is here to help!

As an athlete you need to market yourself.  We help to create a story around who you are, what you do, and where you want to go. That way, if your story resonates with someone, they are driven to support your journey.

we know what it takes

Once upon a time, our founder was also an athlete, until she was faced with the tough decision to either continue competing at a high-level, or join the corporate world. We know first hand, just how tough it is to sacrifice everything to be the best in your sport.

The founder settled on creating a business which utilises both her sporting network and business knowledge, to help athletes. Now, she is able to work in a business which makes a difference, and stay connected to her first love; sport.

both sides of the field

The owner of Elite Athlete Fund has been sponsoring athletes across various sports, countries, and events for years. Her swimwear company has previously donated profits from sales of swimwear and merchandise to athletes, as well as participates in event and athlete sponsorships.

In doing this, she garnered the idea to create a platform which was able to generate multiple sources of income for athletes from a variety of codes and sports.

Our sponsors

These are the companies that support the building of the platform.

Meet our team

We are dedicated to bridge the gap between athletes, supporters, & corporate

Rebekah Bruhwiller

Founder of ETILE AG

Founder of the Elite Athlete Fund Platform.  Key role is to find corporate sponsorship and platform development.

Holly Grice

Platform Manager

Holly knows the struggles, sacrifices and costs involved in being at the top of your elected sport.    

Gemma Ashley

Social Media Executive

Gemma is a business student who also a member of the St Moritz Triathlon Club.

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